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Moving the Ball Forward Along Multiple, Parallel Tracks

The inspired thought over sushi today was the title of this posting. I was feeling overwhelmed by all the “stuff” of life: the to-do list, the overlapping activities, the many-places-at-once phenomenon. Rather than conceptualizing it as conflict, operating at cross purposes, I saw it all as perfect unison. The juggling act, rather than being chaos, is like “moving the ball forward” in many venues, in many projects, with many people – all within a meaningful context. In today’s case, that context was building sustainable communities. (Fancy that, the name of my organization and my blog, eh?)

Perhaps parallel isn’t the right word for where these tracks are running, because of the intersections and even synergies enabled along these tracks. But I saw all these activities of my outer life demands running together, in harmony. What a rare moment! To see life as harmony rather than how the mind often paints it: as chaos. In essential form, whatever we choose and do in the moment, is just perfect.

What does this mean for you today?


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