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Green America’s Solutions from the Green Economy

I haven’t written much about the national economic situation, stimulus package, solutions, etc. so I’ll let Alisa Gravitz of Green America (formerly named Co-op America) do it for me for today! Read Green America’s Solutions from the Green Economy.

Green America focuses on increasing investment in clean tech and building local economy. Good things indeed, and an important way to channel money in the right direction. They don’t delve much into the currency-less community-building environment. Community to them seems to mean spend local, and not so much on spending nothing. Localizing economy is a good thing, but more importantly, demonetizing your transactions is a great practice to develop – and get used to – especially as belts everywhere tighten.

Host a potluck. Grow food together. Guess what, now’s the time to start community gardens and gardening with your neighbors and friends. And installing rain barrels. For free. You’ll need food and water before you need a Prius. Trust me.


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Inaugural Blog: Building Sustainable Communities

Welcome to the season of inaugurations! Having just started a New Year, attended the induction of Portland’s new Mayor, and preparing for celebrations of a new President, I find myself caught up in the “start fresh”ness of the Internet. I just joined Facebook (as though I had been hiding under a rock), and am now starting a blog. What could be happening here? I’m realizing the value of communicating ideas, both personal and professional, with someone or something other than my living room wall.This blog is about building sustainable communities. In my worldview du jour, developing the skills and capacities to live in community and shifting to a collaborative orientation (vs. the competitive economic model in which we are presently steeped) are essential to our thriving in these difficult times. This blog is an exploration of the means and methods by which we get there, how I am contributing, asking questions about what I don’t know, and clearing the abundance of ideas in my mind out onto electronic paper, not only for others to read and comment but also to free up space for new creations and to put forward movement behind what I am creating in the world.
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