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Recycling Depots Take Stuff That Doesn’t Belong Curbside

Miss Burrows reminds me about recycling depots. Most folks in the Portland metro area aren’t aware of “depots” – facilities where you can take recyclable refuse that has a market but isn’t suitable for curbside pickup (and, in many cases, will be rejected if placed at the curb). Metro has a “Find a Recycler” website that will help you locate the right taker for your material. You can also call Metro’s very helpful and useful Recycling Information Hotline at 503-234-3000.

recycleFar West Fibers has seven depots located throughout the metro area that accept a wide range of materials, from plastic lids (which don’t go in your curbside rollcarts or bins, only the body of the container) to plastic take-out clamshells (clean only, and apparently they’re a pain to deal with).

Eye-opening factoid: Portland metro residents throw away about 20 tons of material per day in curbside recycling that doesn’t belong there, and has to be removed and landfilled. Some of that material can be recycled at depots, though it never ends up in the right stream.


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